Interior Decoration & Vastushastra

Vastushastra remedial measures include the finest points from Yogashastra (mind-body trainning), Jyotishshastra (astrology), Ganitshastra (mathematics), Ayurveda (medicine), and Sangeet (music). Subtle properties of Panch-Maha-Bhuta (five great elements) – earth, water, fire, wind, and ether – are used in an innovative way to add or subtract the directional qualities associated with any Vastu or a dwelling.
Colour schemes, materials with specific textures, metals, non-metals, stones for flooring, gems, trees, pictures, murals, bells, aromatic substances, multi-dimensional geometric shapes are part of Vastushastra based decoration concepts. Each of these items is endowed with some quality of the five great elements as correlated with planets at cosmic level. Skillful utilisation of the materials available can result in an exquisitely decorated household having most of the virtues advocated by Vastushastra.

Vastushastra emphasises use of naturally available materials for interiors to provide households with a natural ambience and a sense of cosmic presence. “Man and his dwelling must be a reflection of cosmic properties”, is the theme of interior decoration schemes based on Vastushastra.

Inside the House
The most important place in the house is the place of worship, the poojaghar. As far as possible the poojaghar should be in the north-east of the house. In the event of the house being too small to have an exclusive poojaghar, one can atleast have the place of worship in the north-eastern side. Place it in such a fashion that the deity would face the west while the one who performs the pooja would face east.
Photographs or images of two different deities should never be placed in front of each other. If the number of deities are more than one, they should be placed in one straight line.

1. Bedroom: The bedroom should be in the southern or the south-western part of the house & it should be arranged in such a way, that whoever sleeps there would have his head towards the south & his feet towards the north. On awaking up one should have ones sight set in the north, the abode of Lord Kubera, who showers prosperity.
2. Sitting Room / Living Hall: The living room is an important part of the house. Hence it should be in the northern portion. Its door should open either to the north or the north-east. The furniture in this room should be placed in the southern & the western direction. It is always better to leave the northern part of this room open.
3. Bathroom: The bathroom in the house should be in the north, the east or the north-eastern direction. A bathroom in the north-east of the house brings in prosperity. If it is in the eastern-side, it ushers in physical well-being along with prosperity. A bathroom located in the south-east of the house is not good for the health of the lady of the house.
4. Toilet: The south-east is the ideal direction in which to have a toilet in the house. The west is also passable. But toilets should never be constructed in the north, the east or the north-eastern directions.
5. Kitchen: The kitchen should be located in the south-east of the house. Appliances like stoves should be kept in the south-eastern direction in the room. The arrangement should be such that the one who prepares food would have his /her face towards the east.
6. Dinning hall: The west of the house is ideally suited for the dining hall. While partaking the food one should sit facing the east. This arrangement makes everybody contended & peace prevails among family members.

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