IMD Predicts Light Rain and Thunderstorms in Pune Until June 20

Pune, June 15, 2023: The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a weather forecast for Pune, indicating the possibility of various weather conditions in the coming days. Residents of Pune should prepare for light rain, accompanied by the likelihood of thunder and lightning.

Today, on June 15, Pune can expect a partly cloudy sky, which will gradually become generally cloudy in the afternoon and evening. Throughout the day, there is a high chance of experiencing very light to light rain. These rain showers are expected to provide some relief from the scorching heat.

On June 16, the weather will be partly cloudy, with a possibility of very light rain. Mild rainfall is expected to continue, contributing to pleasant weather conditions in Pune.

Moving forward to June 17, the sky will be predominantly clear in the early hours, gradually becoming partly cloudy later in the day. Similar weather patterns are anticipated for June 18 and June 19, with the city experiencing very light rain as the sky transitions from clear to partly cloudy.

Looking ahead to June 20, the IMD predicts a partly cloudy sky with the chance of very light to light rain. Intermittent rainfall can be expected, ensuring that Pune remains relatively cool and comfortable.

However, it’s important to note that along with the rain, there is a possibility of thunder and lightning during the afternoon hours. The IMD has issued impact-based advisories for public safety during such weather conditions. Important guidelines include avoiding taking shelter under trees, refraining from using mobile phones or electronic appliances during lightning, and walking cautiously during periods of strong winds and lightning. The IMD also advises people to walk slowly and carefully due to reduced visibility and potentially slippery roads during rainy periods.

Additionally, the IMD has issued advisories to protect individuals from high temperatures. It is recommended to avoid going out during the noon and afternoon hours (from 10:30 am to 4 pm) to prevent heat exhaustion and dehydration. Wearing light-colored clothing, covering the head and face with light clothes, and seeking rest in shaded areas are advised. Staying hydrated by drinking water at regular intervals is crucial during hot weather. The IMD urges individuals to consult a physician if they experience symptoms of heat stroke or any other heat-related illness.

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