Monsoon Skin and Hair care Tips

Tips for Skin and Hair care in Monsoon.

Rain is loved by everyone. Cutting chai with pakora or street food is preferred by almost all because it goes parallel with rains. But besides all this, rain comes with allergies and many skin and hair problems. Don’t think that if there is no sun your skin is protected. When you leave your air conditioned office and step outside, many impurities, humidity and pollution comes in contact, which ultimately helps to lose your natural glow.
To avoid this, daily skin routine is necessary.
Do not forget them. Moisturising creams are important throughout the year. Even minimum exposure of sun and pollution makes the skin oily, greasy and cause tanning and ageing. That’s when you need a light and non-greasy day cream to moistures your skin. Cream which contains natural ingredients like aloe Vera, neem, and grape seeds helps to regenerate and repair your skin cells.
Products with natural ingredients are Biotique bio morning nectar, Neutrogena facial moisturiser, lakme day cream, lakme milk moisturiser etc. You can get it on
Don’t think if there is no blazing sun you don’t need sunscreen. Sunscreens are still must in monsoon though it is cloudy. Your skin always needs protection from sun. The light weight, SPF 30 sunscreen is not oily and non-sticky; apply it to the areas which are going to get exposed in sun or pollution. Sunscreens too plays important role in detaining your skin.
Lakme sun expert SPF 50pa++, Neutrogena sheer zinc sunscreen, the body shop vitamin C, Kaya sun defence sunscreens etc. find them on or in any medical stores of big bazaar.

CC creams:
CC creams are light weight, mousse texture, non-sticky. CC creams and foundation makes the skin look glowing for long period. Apply winged waterproof linear and matte Maybelline cream lipstick with cc cream. It will make you stunning even in rains. CC creams allow your skin pores to breathe.
Products like Lakme 9 to 5 CC cream, Nykaa BB cream, Bobbi brown BB cream, Fair n lovely BB cream, Biotique cream etc. all this products will give you flawless skin.

Face Mask:
Everyone one loves natural glowing skin. It is better to use face mask rather than overloading your skin with products. Use products containing natural ingredients like honey, aloe Vera, neem, tomatoes etc. These ingredients tighten the skin and protect the pores. Sheet mask are available on The sheet mask helps the skin to glow naturally. These are helpful in monsoon as well as in any season. Rejuvenating of skin is very important.
Nykaa skin secrets mask, Biotique fruit whitening and detaining mask, khadi natural gold peel off mask, Inatur cucumber peel off mask, and the body care lemon peel of mask etc. Charcoal mask play a major role. These masks are helpful to get rid of black heads and white heads. It is recommended by dermatologist. These all are less expensive and easily available in shops.

Cleansers and Toners:
Cleansing your face is necessary. Washing your face 2 to 3 times a day helps to clean your face and removes the dead cells. Toner helps to clean the dirt from your face. Once you reach home first thing you should do, is apply toner after that wash your face with face wash. You will find clean and glowing skin. If you repeat this process for 2-4 times a day, you will have a smooth and glowing skin naturally. Then you don’t need to apply extra layers of makeup. Even pimples and blackheads and white heads washes off with toner.
Oriflame skin toner, Lakme absolute perfect radiance skin lightening foam, Neutrogena deep clean, Lakme deep cleanser cleansing milk etc. these are non-allergic products and contains all natural ingredients.

Exfoliating the skin is very important. It helps to get rid of dead cells and uncovers the fresh new cells. This also helps the moisturiser to penetrate more deeply in skin which makes it more effective. Ultimately a routine of exfoliating of skin will leave your skin healthy clean and fresh. Exfoliation is especially very helpful; for those you have oily skin. Use of products which contains almond, honey, fruity ingredients polishes the skin.
Products like the body shop almond milk and honey gently exfoliating cream scrub, Nykaa wanderlust body scrubs, kaya cream exfoliating cream, the body shop tea tree squeaky clean scrub etc.

How to take care of sensitive areas?
The skin beneath your eyes and on lips is way sensitive then the rest of skin. It is thin so it needs special attention. It is more liable in breaking down, meaning it will because fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and will become more lose causing thinning.
So say yes to EYE creams, only use those products which stimulates collagen because that is the main protein in skin. Lip skin is also very sensitive keep it protected by using lip balms. Fruity lip balms can work well.
Nivea lip balms, Himalaya lip balms, Lotus etc.

And what about hair care?
Hair care is also important in monsoon. If proper care is not being taken you may have problems. Like dandruff, hair-fall etc. To avoid this problem follow this few steps:
Keep your hair dry:
We all love rains though we cannot always allow our hair to get wet. The water is acidic and can dry our scalp. To protect them carry umbrellas and plastic caps.

Wash your hair twice or thrice in week:
Washing your hair will remove the oil and grease from your hairs. It will help to remove dirt from the hairs.
Deep conditioning:
After shampoo deep conditioning is very important because it nourishes your hair and keeps them smooth and silky. This help to maintain tangle free hair. Never apply conditioner to scalp only apply in ends of hair.
Oil Massage:
Massaging the scalp is the best option always. 2-3 times in a week is must. It helps to moisturise the scalp.
This few hair care steps will help to grow long, shining and healthy hair.
Though it is monsoon, skin and hair care is must. Few healthy practices can make you look more beautiful. Eat lots of fruits and drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. When you feel good, you look good.

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-By Samiksha Suhas Bhovad
Bsc (Botany&Zoology)

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