Tips to Plan a Wedding this Summer Season

Due to the reduction in the covid-19 cases our state government has relaxed all the norms in Maharashtra. From the past two years because of the pandemic there were lot of restrictions on outdoor activities, events and functions. Now since all the norms are relaxed everything is slowly getting back to normal. All functions, Outdoor activities and events have started to take place.
Summer season is the season for Wedding all over India. Before the pandemic there were a selective of them who used to choose for a Destination Wedding and everyone was invited to the location. After the pandemic people are scared to travel so it will take sometime for people to build their confidence and start travelling freely.
Wedding means lot of planning right from Invitation, Choosing the Right Location, Planning The Decoration, Clothes, Gifts, Caterers and the list is never ending.
These days there are event companies who plan everything for you right from the invite till the end of the function.  In case you choose to plan things your way then here are some tips which might come helpful to plan the wedding:
– Chalk down a budget for the wedding. Depending on the budget further things can be planned.
– Plan out on the guest list which includes your family, friends and well wishers.
– Plan your invitation in advance, these days it’s a trend to send invitations on whats–app rather than printing and dispatching it to different locations. The digital way saves money and time both.
–  Due to the heat, try and choose a location which is Indoors and Air-conditioned.
– Due to the marriage season, many halls are booked 6-8 months in advance, hence kindly check and book the venue much in advance to avoid inconvenience.
– Book a Bhadaji who does all rituals. Many a times there are different purohit`s (one from Bride`s side and other from Bride grooms side).
– Decide on the ceremony, rituals, puja to be done during the wedding. You can consult to your Seniors in your family or you can check with your Purohit also who will guide you on this.
– These days the venue has a tie up with Caterer / Decorator / Photographers as well, hence this saves your time. Even many caterers also have contacts with Photographers / Video recording studios, so you can enquire and book accordingly.
– Discuss with your photographer about the type of photos to be taken during the wedding, lightings, etc. What all important moments which he needs to capture.
– These days there is a trend to do an engagement shoot, pre-wedding shoot (3-4 months in advance). These photographs are incorporated in the wedding invite so it can be sent to everyone on social media, whatsapp, etc.
– Book your Mangalsutra, Rings in advance to avoid confusion. Bride / Bridegrooms finger measurements are important. The length of Mangalsutra with number of Vati in it also of a significance.
– There are many shops available for Bride and Bridegrooms Outfits. Choose as per your budget atleast 1 to 1.5 months in advance. Do a trial session if required and finalise your outfit in advance.
– As you choose the Menu with the caterer, do a food tasting before 8 -10 days
– If you have planned for a DJ with music then inform him about your choice of songs and important points in the events where he needs to highlight or do any specific announcements.
– These days it’s a trend to have dance at weddings, in case if you have planned for one, then kindly choose on your songs, inform your DJ about it. Kindly rehearse with Members who are performing atleast 1-2 times in a week.

For Bride
– Book a spa session, hair treatment so it relaxes you within.
– Book a Beautician for your Makeup + hear setter. Discuss various make up + hair styling options. Kindly take a trial session for your satisfaction.
-Get a waxing session for you which is before 2-3days of your marriage date.

For Bridegroom
– Book for a special face treatment which will be 2 days before your wedding day to have a glow on your D-day.
– Get a Haircut before 10 days so that you hair will set back to normal in 10 days.
– Get Threading done for your eyebrows and a session for your manicure and pedicure.
– Avoid outdoor games/activities so that you don’t get injured during the games/activities.

Hope the above points are useful and help you plan a Wedding.

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