Tips to Choose Clothes in Summer

Summer is the hottest season in India. In the month of March, the heat starts which is at its peak till May end or June 1st week. Typically school, colleges have summer vacation for about 2 months and they re-opened in June.
Many of them have different wardrobe for a different season, i.e. Summer, Winter. Due to the continuous heat we should wear cotton clothes which absorb heat and bright coloured which reflects heat and you feel better within. Cotton is soft, lightweight, breathable and soaks up heat and allows to escape heat and keep your body cool.

These are some of the must-haves in your summer wardrobe:
For Women:
White Tees with Jeans, Strapless Tops, Sleeveless Tops, Medium Skirts, White Sneakers, Floral shirts, Jeans, Kameez with Jeans is a good combo or Salwar Kameez (sleeveless), and many other options.

For Men:
Sleeveless t-shirts, V-neck tshirts, loose cotton trousers, Cotton shorts or bermudas, Floral Shirts with cotton shorts, Bright Polo tshirt with cotton trousers, Graphic tee with loose cotton trousers.

Avoid wearing skinny/tight clothes which will pass your body heat through the conduction which is worst. Women should avoid wearing synthetic tights and slacks.

Hope you find these tips appropriate this summer

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