Ashadi Wari Schedule 2022

Ashadi Waricha schedule from Shree Kshetra Alandi to Shree Kshetra Pandharpur
Day / Date : Tuesday, 21st June 2022 to Tuesday, 12th July 2022

Sant Tukaram Maharaj Palkhi started from Shree Kshetra Alandi on 21st June 2022. From 2 years due to Covid-19 pandemic the palkhi was cancelled. Every year Lakhs of warkari take part in the waari. The waari starts on 21st June 2022 from Shree Kshetra Alandi and ends at Shree Kshetra Pandharpur on 12th July. There are 15 locations where the palkhi will pass through. In the Palkhi 250 registered dindis follow the palkhi on the way to pandharpur. The journey is on foot and covers nearly 440 to 450 kms approximately and at a duration of 3 weeks. Every year on the 11th Day of the Bight Moon in Aashad month many warkaris reach pandharpur to have a glimpse of Lord Vitthal. The waari tradition is being taking place from more than 700 years.         

Palkhi Route in Year 2022  

21st June 2022 Start from Alandi
22nd & 23rd June 2022 Pune
24th & 25th June 2022 Saswad
26th June 2022 Jejuri
27th June 2022 Valhe
28th & 29th June 2022 Lonand
30th June 2022 Taradgaon
1st & 2nd July 2022 Phaltan
3rd July 2022 Barad
4th July 2022 Natepute
5th July 2022 Malshiras
6th July 2022 Velapur
7th July 2022 Bhandishegaon
8th July 2022 Wakhari
9th July 2022 Pandharpur
10th July Ashadi Ekadashi
11th & 12th June Pandharpur

This year Pune Police have announced a special initiative where one can check Live Palkhi Tracking Page, Latest Position, Closed Roads, Diverted roads and other relevant information will be available on

Live Palkhi Tracking
Live Palkhi Tracking

One can also check updates related to small dindis and estimated arrival time at 2 entry points on

Live Palkhi Tracking on Mobile
Live Palkhi Tracking on Mobile

Pandharpur Waari Dates in up-coming years
Thursday, 29th June 2023
Wednesday, 17th July 2024
Sunday, 6th July 2025

Prime Minister Modi carried out the groundbreaking ceremony of the Palkhi route along with Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari. Once the route is complete, the ‘warkaris’ will get a safe passage for ‘wari’. The ‘Palkhi Marg’, which has been given the status of National Highway, will have dedicated lanes for the ‘warkaris’. A budget of Rs. 11,000 crores have been made available for the construction of both routes.

Image courtesy:
CP Pune Police twitter handle 

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