A Collegiate’s Passion For Fashion

Pleated skirt, plaid shirt and plaited hair – a typical way of saying; I am in school.
‘Uniformity’ is a byword for ‘school fashion’. Even the smartest of the uniforms never allowed us to look different. The trend today is to look out-of-the-ordinary. Look different, and you look cool!! But of course, it should complement your personality.

Moving up the ladder of education in indeed exciting. The transition from school to college brings in both, joy and anxiety. It opens the door to a whole new world where you can dress, look, talk, walk, eat and read the way you want to. It is ‘the time’ to make others go gaga over your stylish, modish outfits, thus becoming the envy of the campus by dressing smart. For guys, this is the universal key to earn some brownie points from ‘the girls’ they desire to flatter. And for women, looking chic and hot will never be undesirable!


The joy of entering a free world is for you to share. We are here to help you deal with the obvious anxiety of coping withwould this work kindda questions in your mind.

Here is how you make the heads turn this monsoon

The He-Mantra

• Keep it smart
Going casual doesn’t excuse you from being well turned out. Quality tailoring always adds value to whatever you wear.

• Blue-crush
Blue plus denim is a winning combination for all personality types. It has all that rivets a girl’s attention – simplicity, modesty and a sex appeal too.

• Just above the knee
Time to substitute those messy cargo shorts with a tailored pair. Just make sure, you fit in well. Being too tight or saggy is not in-style. Ending it just above the knee is indeed in!

• Add a surprising stroke
Being unpredictable is just in! Keep polishing your look with small-lil surprises being planned on and off. Trying combining a lightweight summer cardigan layered atop a band-collared shirt or a sports coat over a kurta.

• Just Watch it out
Flashing a timepiece combining the formality of a leather strap, with the casual vibe (could be a casual dial) is a perfect way of adding some serious style in to that jeans-n-d-tee look or a classy polo-n-blazer kindda look.

• Cut it short
Be brave and cuff your pants at the ankle. But if that’s too much exposure for you, teaming it up with bold patterned and bright colored socks can do the magic. Striped socks are in too.

• Pull the chain
Jewellery is mostly not a tick for men. But wearing a discreet piece, which the gentleman can carry off well like a neckpiece can rivet attention.

• Frame it well
Investing in a decent pair of sunglasses is always smart. Picking up a pair or so from the re-interpreted classic aviators or wayfarers, in-plastic framed or rimless versions is just perfect.
The She-Mantra

• Play it safe, while you cut it short
After 12 long years of lengthy outfits, you would definitely want to cut-it-short. Experiment, but on an easy note. Shorts / skirts if carried well, always look smart, but considering the college atmosphere and management rules is sensible. Knee length is apt in most occasions.

• Mark the difference
Go for a cotton pant or a jump suit and you won’t regret.

• Close to tradition, far from monotony
The most-in dhoti pants are available in various cuts and styles. Choose one that suits your personality and team it up with either a plain tee, a cotton top or a tang top and you are just ready. Reserve these dhoti pants for days when your heart says; ‘Am I not bored of getting into this denim everyday, I need to look different too!’

• Do not over-accessorize
Wear those accessories as a value add and not just because you want to flaunt your collection. While falling for that arty look, do not lose your individuality.

• Color it effectively
Coloring it right is very important in monsoon. Olive green, indigo blue, yellow and pink are the best pick. Bright colors are worth flaunting in this gloomy weather.Whites and pastels are a big na-na. Don’t hesitate while wearing tangerine – that’s the color of the year!

• Fabric-it well
Be careful in choosing water-friendly fabrics. Avoid something that appears transparent or takes time to dry. Jeans and linen should be avoided as the water retention is high. Cotton is the best pick as it dries soon and is also skin friendly.

Bollywood is our bible to study and learn fashion. There is no right or wrong fashion though and not every things suits everybody. So, just go-ahead and make that statement. But wear something that’s comfortable and suits your personality the best. But be careful. Do not copy blindly. It may fall back on you and doing damage-control may not be an easy task.

Hope to see you wardrobe-ready for a wonderful college life ahead.


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