How to take care of Eyes post Online Sessions

From the start of covid-19 pandemic there has been an increase of digital / online sessions all over the world.  Everything from Offices to Classes and other related fields started online sessions. Initially it felt comfortable since it was from you home but no one imagined that these online sessions will have such an impact on your eyes.

Pre covid-19 pandemic our work (screen time) was restricted in office hours and post that we used to do extra-curricular activities, sports, music, reading, etc.  So the impact was lesser than now.  Currently the excess use of digital screen had a huge impact on our eyes like headaches, burning or dry eyes, water from your eyes,  dark circles or patches below the eye and other related issues.

Here are a few tips for your Eye Care:

1) Everyday in the morning after you wake up, do this activity (2 to 3 times). Fill your mouth with water and hold it for 10 to 15 seconds with your eyes closed. Post that spit it out.

2) Splash your eyes and face with normal water 10 to 15 times. Do this activity after you return home from work. Do not use ice cold or hot water directly on your eyes. This may affect your eyes or vision.

3) Ayurveda describes six purification techniques to clean the body, remove toxins, strengthen it and make it free of diseases. Out of them, neti and tratak work as the best Ayurvedic remedy for dry eyes and eye health.

4) Use Triphala water eye wash or an equivalent eye wash cup  

By incorporating the eye care tips you can protect your eyes and improve your eye sight too.

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