Play On A Rainy Day

Rains are no reason to stop the fun. Let your child enjoy the charms of the weather with some indoor activity, that would be entertainment plus learning for your child.

Bicycles have been stowed away……..ditto with badminton rackets and cricket kits. All outdoor fun has come to a sudden halt. Yes, it’s monsoon time. As soon as it begins to rain, little drawn faces in the windows, wishing the rain ‘to go away’, is a common sight. The re-opening of schools adds to their woes.

But monsoons need not to be the end of  fun. With a bit of innovative thinking, parents can turn gloomy rainy days into a great bonding time, filled with indoor fun and learning, which will not only be interesting but also put kids back into study gear. Here’s how …..


This is a novel concept that is sure to get the children excited. There are lots of fun science experiments on the internet  that can be done with simple materials available at home, for instance, optical illusions and balloon rockets. Ask the children to help in conducting the experiment, thereby making it a combined task. You will be delighted to see their reactions when they see the expected result. In the end, explain the scientific reasons that make the experiment work. You can also ask your kids to discuss these experiments with their science teacher.


Sharpen the artistic edge in your child. Make your kids sit down with craft material like paper, glue, paper, scissors, colours and decorative material and try their hand at origami, paper filigree, card making, or creating best out of waste. After they are done place it on refrigerator or soft board for everyone to see.You can organize a painting competition for  your kids and their friends. Apart from enhancing their creativity, such an exercise will encourage health competition.


Children of all ages love stories. In recent times TV, cartoons and gaming have marred the simple joy of listening stories.  A rainy day is the best time to grab a book and read out to them. You can also tell them moral stories from your collection of granny’s tales. With  stories you can open a new vistas of imagination for your kids.


There are host of indoor games like word puzzles, scrabble and Su-Doku, which are great brainteasers and interesting for the kids. Call their friends over and play in groups. Also, knowing is learning. So, you can arrange a quiz session by asking them questions from general knowledge book. The winner will get a price while others will learn!


A rainy day can translate into good movie time. Select an entertaining children movie. Invite your friends and their kids over a movie plus brunch afternoon. With popcorn and milkshakes, you can enjoy a great session of bonding with the kids, keep them entertained and catch up with your friends-all at one go!!!


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