Places that will Sort Your Shopping Needs this Diwali in Pune

The hustle and bustle during Diwali in India is just next level. Gold, silver, Ornaments, clothes, decorative things and lightings for home, electronics everything is at its peak sale. Pune is no exception where the locals as well as tourists want to shop like there is no tomorrow. At the same time everyone wants a good deal for what they buy hence, we came up with this article which help you know places to shop in Pune.

FC Road

 FC road is basically the smaller version of Fashion Street which is there in Mumbai. You can find a large variety of clothes and jewellery out there. Shopping at FC Road means you have to be very good at bargaining because here you can get hold of things at almost 30% less than the quoted price.



Tulsi Bagh

Tulsi Bagh in Pune is famous for imitation jewelry, make-up kits, daily care products, kitchen utensils, linens, ladies footwear, handbags, purses, wallets, bindi’s, iron stands, crockery, gift articles, hosiery products. Apart from that it is also famous for its vada pav, kawre ice cream parlor, Hotel Agatya and Shree Krishna Bhivan for its lip smacking authentic Misal. 


Hong Kong Lane

Hong kong lane is famous for antique pieces, old Jewellery, wrist watches as well as decorative lightings and other article for your home. The vendors usually sit on both the sides of the roads and you are bound to get good deals for these products which we mentioned.

Fashion Street

Even Pune has its own Fashion Street like Mumbai and Goa which boasts of as many as 450+ stalls housing shoes, clothes, traditional dresses and what not! It’s basically a one stop hub for all your fashion needs and yes without a doubt it requires immense levels of bargaining skills to get value for money products.

Laxmi Road

Laxmi Road is not only one of the oldest places of Pune giving you that vintage feel but during festive season it’s the best place for men’s wear to women’s saree collection. It has innumberable offerings for women’s fashion while you can also look for neckpieces, imitation jewellery, jhumkas, bracelets and Bangles.

 Apart from that it is also famous for its sweets right from the legendary Chitale Bandhu and Karachi sweets. The Varma book store is also one place where you can find some great Marathi and other languages books.

Juna Bazaar

Juna Bazaar in its literal sense means Juna. From Old gold coins and jewellery to antiques, From shoes to cosmetics, from beautiful and delicate sets of jewellery to hardware tools. Juna Bazaar is a place for those who know the value of old things and who appreciate the vintage value. You never know you can get a prized catch from a mess of old things lying in rust!





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