Parvati Hill and Parvati Temple

Parvati is one of the favourite relaxation spots for the residents of Pune. The height of Parvati hill is 2100 feet above sea level and 260 feet from the city level. The hill offers an aerial view of the city and the most picturesque scene in the early hours of the day. Parvati hill houses one big and three small temples.

Parvati is the daily visiting place for a number of citizens and for many people, going to Parvati (103 steps) forms a part of their daily exercise regimen. Being the highest point in Pune and having conveniently located observation points, the beautiful panaromic view of Pune city leaves visitors spellbound. Beautiful sunrise and sunset views are like the icing on the cake.The Parvati gates open at 5.00am to close 8.00pm.

One has to climb 103 steps to reach the hilltop. The steps are an example of fine stone work of the Maratha period. A special black quarry stone has been used for all these steps. It is weather-resistant and except for a few places, the stone has survived for over two hundred and fifty years even after being fully exposed to sun, wind and water. The steps are so wide that an elephant can easily walk with all pomp and gaiety towards the temple. They are not too steep and even old people can climb with ease.
The main temple, as it stands today, was built by the third Peshwa, Shrimant Nana Saheb in the year 1749 A.D. The history of the temple is linked with a miracle. It is believed that Kashibai, the mother of the third Peshwa was suffering from a severe ailment in her right foot. One of her advisors informed her about a temple of Goddess to the South of Pune which was famous for its miraculous healing power. Kashibai went to the temple which was located on top of this hill and prayed for her recovery. She vowed that if she was cured of her ailment, she would build a temple there. She soon recovered and her son built a temple on the hill. This was the famous Parvati temple.


Parvati Hill Temple :
Parvati hill temple is one of the Pune’s prime historical attractions. Situated near the center of the city and near to the Swargate bus station, the Parvati mandir is situated on a small hillock which rises around 2100 feet above the sea level. This hillock holds several temples including Lord Devdeveshwar, Lord Ganesha, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Vitthal and Goddess Rukmini. This magnificent Pune temple was built under the reign of the Peshwa Dynasty which dates back to around 17th Century. Today, this temple is respite for the Puneties and offers a discrete picturesque view of the adjoining areas. The view from Parvati during the early hours is simply soothing and makes a great start of the day.

Parvati Hill Attractions
Devdeveshwar Temple: This fine temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva in the form of a magnificent Shiv Linga. This temple is one of the best amongst the Parvati temple complex with a huge door made up of granite, entrance decorated by arches, and a mandapa holding the grand Shiv Linga. The Linga here is unique and believed to be brought from River Gandaki which flows in Nepal. Further, the linga is fixed within a brass seat which can’t be easily removed. It is also believed that the footwear of Chattrapati Shahu Maharaj lies beneath this Shiv Linga. The wall behind this Shiv Linga holds a outstanding idol of Lord Shiva with his spouse Parvati on one lap and son Ganapati on the other. It is said that the idol of Shiva was made out of pure silver and that of Parvati and Ganapati were made out of pure gold. However, these idols were stolen in 1932 after which similar were made but in brass.
Vishnu Temple: This temple was constructed along with the Devdeveshwar temple and holds a magnificent idol of Lord Vishnu which is around 4.5 feet high. This statue is too delivered from Gandaki and is pitch black in color. It has turned immensely smooth due to applying oil over it for several years. This outstanding idol is sculptured with four hands holding a lotus, a counch, the chakra, and a gadha respectively. The idol is further mounted upon a Laxmi Yantra which is a holy geometric form with several magical powers.
Kartikeya Temple: Lord Kartikeya is the eldest son of Lord Shiva and is considered as a bachelor god in Maharashtra. Thus, women are strictly prohibited to worship this god. The temple of Kartikeya here was built by Shrimant Raghobadada Peshwa. There are a large number of devotees of Lord Kartikeya who gather here during the auspicious day of Tripuri Poornima. Also, on this day, women too are permitted to take blessing from Kartikeya.
Shri Vitthal Rukmini Temple: The Vitthal Rukhmini temple is the latest amongst all the temples on the Parvati Hillock. As you reach the top of this hill, this temple comes to your eyesight immediately. Constructed using the Maratha style of architecture, this temple possess wonderful idols of Vitthal and Rukhmini.
Peshwa Museum: This museum holds several items possessed by the Peshwas. This is a worth visiting museum and displays mighty swords, guns, wooden artifacts, coins, clothes, daily utilities, paintings, etc.
How to reach Parvati Hill Temple ?
Reaching Parvati main is simple. The nearest bus station to reach here is the Swargate Bus Station. From here you can take auto rickshaw to reach this shrine.

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