Look glowing ready this festive season!

India being country of festivals we have some or the other festival throughout the year. But with arrival of September; it’s festive season of the year where we have festivals lined up one after the other. We all like to get dressed, look good and have lots of fun. But sometimes having flawless skin during festive season becomes tricky with lots of busy schedules and high calorie food around.

Our face skin is thinner than our body skin and unfortunately maximum exposed to dust, pollution and chemicals. Thus the face skin care is very much essential.

So here I am with a dozen of easy tips to make sure you have flawless skin and be selfie ready this festive season!

1] Water inside: Drink up at least 2n1/2 to 3 lit water every day. Our body is made up of 70% water. So drinking water helps you keep your skin hydrated and cleanses away all the toxins.

2] Water outside: Wash your face 3-5 times in a day. If you are in humid weather or have oily skin then you need this more as pollution, dust and any chemicals settle on skin can harm your skin. Washing face with facewash or soap 2-3 times and just splashing water on face 2-3 times more is recommended. This practice washes off all dust pollution as well as bacteria off the skin.

3] Be the knight in shining armor of your skin: Apply sunscreen minimum 20 minutes before going out. If you have oily skin then use water based sunscreen. If not then you can use regular cream based one. SPF30+ is what a need with todays’ weather conditions is.

4] Exercise your way to glowing skin: Exercise every morning helps you glow better. Minimum of 45 minutes of exercise improves secretion of adrenaline, endorphin, and serotonin. These hormones help improve skin glow as well as mental happiness. And we all know happy face is a glowing face.

5] Ice your face: First thing you got to do for your face is wash it with freezing cold water. Or you can apply ice to your face. This helps remove morning puffiness from the face. Green tea bags also help the same.

6] Magic drink for your skin: Drink ‘magic drink’ everyday morning. Magic drink recipe is: warm water with lemon, honey, pinch of black salt & pinch of cinnamon powder. This drink in the morning works wonders on skin. It brings glow and healthy look on face.

7] Dose of Skin vitamins: Vitamin C & Vitamin E are very essential for skin health. So don’t forget to apply ‘antioxidant’ serum to your skin every morning.

8] Protein protection: Proteins in your diet help strengthen skin. So have lots of proteins first thing in breakfast. It helps creating collagen protein in your skin. Another benefit of this habit is that it helps making you feel full for longer time; which can make you avoid binging on fried, unhealthy food than can harm your skin big time.

9] Fruits are best friend of our skin: Eat lots of fruits throughout the day. You can turn all mid meal snacks into your fruit munching time. Citrus fruits give Vit. C to our body that helps in improving skin glow & texture as well as our immunity. All fruits have lots of vitamins, antioxidants that help in protecting our skin and also work as antiaging.

10] Beauty Sleep: This term is very true and scientific. Having a good sleep gives time for your body to heal and repair all the damages that happen throughout the day. Make sure you get 6-7 hours of minimum sleep every night. This will improve your skin health a lot.

11] Get ready before you go to sleep: Before you go off to bed make sure you get ready for it. Many times we are so tired that as soon as we see the bed, we just want to crash right in. But sleeping without cleaning your face properly can damage your skin a lot. You might think ‘one night’ does not make much of a difference but that’s not the case. So clean you make up with a good quality cleanser. Wash your face properly. Wipe it clean and then go off to your ‘beauty sleep’.

12] Magic Mask for your skin: Whenever you get skin pampering time, apply mixture of lemon juice, honey and turmeric to you skin. With antibacterial properties of ingredients it cleanses your skin off any infections that can cause acne, pimples. Also due to skin nurturing properties of the ingredients; it makes your skin softer, smoother and glowing.

So now glow through this festivities with these skin rituals for life!

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