Spend quality time with your kid by doing some fun activities together ..

This lockdown has given us very important thing called ‘Time with family ‘.
If taken on a positive note, it can help to develop a great bond with your kid. Kids in the age group of 3-10 years are fun and full of energy . It is important to channelise it the right way. So Crafty delights has come with a novel concept which encourages parents and kids to spend time together by Co- create some crafts , Connect with each other well and Explore different mediums as they share them on their site.
They have some handpicked activities and blogs from expert parents who share their experiences in bringing about the best in our child, do check out

It has free subscription and can be accessed from any

Q: Who are the Founders?  
A: Nandini & Himanshu (Co-Crafters/ Co-founders)

Q: Tell us about yourself?
A: We come from design backgrounds. We work as UX designers, on a daily basis do things like research, task flows, information architecture usability tests, etc. But most importantly, we are parents of a little kid that is what makes us think on this idea. “We realised that it is very important to spend quality time with our kid. Doing things together is what develops a great bond.” It is our genuine attempt in sharing fun activities that you can together do with your kids which you could share with others and inspires all.

Q: What inspired you to start Crafty Delights?
A: It all started with doing some fun activities with our 3 year old kid. For some fun, I used to publish the art works created together on Instagram. Our colleagues responded why don’t you share these activities with us. We find it very difficult to engage our kids during these times and too much of screen time is spoiling our communication all together. Everyone is with a device. We will be happy to do these activities with our kids.

These words were inspiring and felt it the need of the hour. Really the screen time is spoiling our kids. But how will they pass their time when in the house all time?

Doing things together inculcates a great bond between parents and kids, also with so many things to explore which are easy to find in our house.

Q: What do you want to achieve out of this?
A: Honestly we have no immediate plans to make money out of it. It is fun thing for us .All we want is to reach to maximum like minded people, share thoughts, learn from each other, get inspired and inspire others.  Guess for this reason only, we have made it FREE Subscription. All we want from them is they upload their activities with others on our site to motivate everyone!

Q: What are your future plans?
A: It picked up really good speed during this lock down time. However even later we want to make it engaging with our content.
For Activities in the beginning we have kept very easy to understand/or relate kinda activities like toothpick/ straws, shells etc and colour-it / make artefact out of it.
Going further in our exploration journey, we will be giving mediums like water/ air, to explore and find some meaning out of it. This will come in when our users will be ready over a period of time

Q: Will you make a Blog or Forums in future?
A: We have been curating it and ensuring that we have quality content for our viewers (parents of little ones). Going further we want to add Parenting as an important part where experts can share their ideas and thoughts

Q: Is Crafty Delights for parents/ kids who wish to become artists?
A: It’s a Super mYTH!
In fact I am glad, this question came up., 
To elaborate on this 
Crafting actually makes kids happy 
It channelises their ideas and imagination
They learn all sorts of things whilst crafting – from fine motor skills, to problem solving, planning… 
It is a great confidence builder and a wonderful way to bring other things they are learning about to life 
Also our main focus of 
To have “together” time!!
kinda skillset is not limited for artists alone but to becoming a capable

We thank  Nandini & Himanshu for their time and giving us inputs which will help kids and parents both during this lockdown time.

We wish them all the best for this venture and future endeavors.

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