Gear Up for the Summer with Hot Sunglasses

Sunglasses are essential as a summer accessory! They have been popular for a long time, not only to protect your eyes, but also to complete your fashion statement.

The “right” pair of sunglasses can make you feel ever so cool. you have Just make sure they are right in more than just looks. Invest in a pair that will protect your eyes from damaging UV rays. Look for glasses that block 99% ultraviolet rays.

UV radiation can cause damage to the cornea, lens and other parts of your eyes. A day in the sun can leave you with a burned cornea or two. More long-term sun exposure can result in clouding of the lens of your eye, blurring vision, and can lay the groundwork for some types of cataracts.

Sunglasses should have information on their labels about UV protection.Sunglasses come in a vast array of styles, shapes and colors. It can be confusing to determine which is your best choice.

Be aware that not all sunglasses offer UV protection. For instance, polarized lenses reduce glare and may seem like a good choice because of this. But unless the label tells you that they offer UV protection, they aren’t going to do the job.

Photochromic lenses also reduce glare and adjust to changing light conditions. But once again, unless they are specifically labeled as offering UV protection, they do not offer this feature.

Mirror-coated lenses can block light, but don’t block the invisible UV rays unless they are labeled so.

let your kids also get the habit of wearing sunglasses while they are young this can help to keep their eyes healthy, and help prevent the cumulative damage that may otherwise affect their un shielded eyes through later years.

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