How Study Circle is re-imagining the test series

A top priority for any parent anywhere in the world is their children’s education. As such, there are numerous efforts to conduct thorough research in this field, with the aim of helping students, and giving parents a peace of mind.
Study Circles’ Test Series is one such effort in this direction. Study Circles is leveraging an Artificial Intelligence-based infrastructure to custom-tailor an action plan for each student, and help course correct early in the studying process. We believe that every student has the ability to enhance their skills, and we want to provide our expertise in technology and education to help where we can.

Generally we find that the term “learning” is often equated to getting good grades or scores in the examinations. Teachers are likely compare their students by grades, parents will expect these high grades from their children and as a result, the student’s focus will be only in getting good grades. As such, students will take the easy route, and focus on getting good grades by memorizing the answers for their tests and exams.
While there are innumerable websites and guides available where you get standard answers, this only provides students with a short term benefit. There are multiple subjects where students are often tasked with applying known concepts and theories to a new set of problems. However, if the student is a memorizer, this is where the struggle begins. Websites that only offer guides and practice content give students a false sense of security, as they lean on memorizing the answers to get good scores. Unfortunately, as the students are challenged to apply these concepts to new problems, this is when they start to lose confidence in their acumen. Memorization is not a long term solution for getting good grades in a subject or class.

At Study Circles, we believe in helping students internalize concepts to achieve long-term success. And for us, success means gradual improvement, not just the final grade.
We start with first understanding the student, their goals, their study habits and most importantly, their strengths and weaknesses. After the identification process, we begin to help develop action plans for each student. This begins with a systematic and regular lesson-wise Test Series course, which is based on the lessons or subject that the student is hoping to improve on in school. Question papers are given on combination of lessons, and personalized to help students focus on pre-identified weaknesses. Afterwards, we develop a monthly schedule and target at least one question paper a week of about a one-hour duration. This repetitive practice helps students build good study habits, but most importantly, work on strengthening the building blocks of their knowledge on their areas of weaknesses. With our Study Circles platform, students are able to view their performance per paper, with deep analysis provided by their instructors after each attempt. This repetitive and timely feedback process eventually allows students to witness their gradual improvement, so that when the real Test day comes, their confidence is sky-high and their knowledge-base is rock solid.

Study Circles has been in the coaching class industry for almost 5 years now. We often meet multiple families, and hear concerns such as:
– “He was good until last year. I don’t know what happened.”
– “She makes silly mistakes in the exam, but in her homework she is doing fine.”
– “The teacher was replaced and then his performance went down.”

These are just some of the various types of concerns we hear from parents, day in and day out. When a student struggles in class, it often becomes a stressful situation for both the student and the parent. Normally, when parents are faced with such a situation they take the obvious path of sending the child to tuition classes. However, parents often choose a popular or well-known tuition class and simply send their child there, hoping to eventually see results on the student’s next set of exams or grades.
The problem with this approach is that typical tuition classes are busy, crowded, and focus on repetition of concepts. Very rarely do coaching classes take stock of the incoming new student, and spend the time to learn more about their study habits and weak points.

But at Study Circles, we do things differently.
When a new student joins our classes, we take time to understand and objectively analyze what the student’s problem is. We begin a process of identifying goals, identifying study mistakes, and then proceed to document these for future reference. We then shift our focus to helping the student develop good study habits, a curiosity for learning, and building good planning and time management skills.
We also believe that ‘To err is human’. If a student makes a mistake in a test paper, homework or in class discussions, we consider that normal as he or she is in the learning phase. We course-correct as often as needed, but also help the student to identify the mistake that has occurred and ensure the student understands the proper course of action to rectify the mistake. Our role as teachers and counselors is to be patient, and help the student sort out the issue with his or her own efforts. While the process may seem slow and possibly tedious in the beginning, persistence is key and often we see our students show tremendous progress and willpower when they grow confident in the process. Remember, it is not how much you study that matters, but rather how you study.

In the past few years, we have taught hundreds of students and have built our core foundation on the following principles that guide our aspiration to help all students:

1) Identify the core root of the problem. Understanding what a student’s strengths and weaknesses are early on gives us the opportunity to work on the problems when they are small and prevent them from becoming big. This way student also builds confidence early in the studying process, and will eventually enjoying learning rather than dreading it.

2) Leverage our expertise in technology. Our team of expert software engineers have built an Artificial-Intelligence based platform that will go beyond being a simple test-paper grading software. Our platform will not only identify a student’s strengths and weaknesses, but will also allow students to document, prioritize, track their progress, while receiving individualized assistance from our teachers and expert guides.

3) Personalized for each student. We are not ‘one size fits all’ solution, because we believe each student has an individual set of strengths, weaknesses and goals that we should cater to. Our strength not only lies in our technology, but also in our offering and quality of the teachers and experts on our team.

Study Circle focuses on the foundation years, class 5 to 10 of SSC, CBSE and ICSE board students. Our current core focus is on Maths and Science, as strong knowledge of the fundamentals in these two subjects helps students build a rock-solid foundation as they progress through school.

You may be located anywhere in India or abroad, you can join the Test Series. Especially CBSE curriculum based school students can directly benefit.

The question papers are sent by email or our web application and answer photos can be uploaded directly or sent by email.

‘Seeing is believing’ – We offer two question papers, one each for maths and science, as a sample of our performance evaluation and recommendations capability. If such analysis is what you are looking for you can join Test Series by contacting us on:
Sudhir R Kulkarni – Mentor – Eternityguru
Phone / WhatsApp – 7387457835 / 7769853171
We will be happy to interact with you and address any other queries you may have.
Our Best Wishes to All.


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