PYC Chess League 2023 to Showcase Pune’s Chess Talent with 55 Players Representing 7 Teams

Pune, 30th June 2023 – The PYC Hindu Gymkhana is all set to host the inaugural PYC Chess League, bringing together 55 talented players who will represent seven teams in a thrilling battle of wits. The league, scheduled to take place on 1st and 2nd July 2023 at the PYC Chess Hall, promises to provide a new platform for members to bond over the game of chess.

Under the leadership of Mr. Kumar Tamhane, President of PYC Hindu Gymkhana, the club is expanding its repertoire of sporting events to include chess. “We already host five leagues in cricket, badminton, football, and carom. Prioritizing the health and recreation of our members, a chess league will offer another opportunity for our members to come together and engage in a sport they love,” shared Mr. Sarang Lagu, Secretary of the club.

The teams participating in the PYC Chess League were formed through an auction process. Some of the top picks include Param Jalan (Marattha Warriors, ₹46,000), Rohit Deval (Kings 64, ₹45,000), Nikhil Chitale (Nok99 Navigators, ₹41,000), and Vijay Ogale (Goldfieldd Triedents, ₹37,000). The league will be proudly sponsored by Mr. Kapil Trimal of Seven Realty.

The seven teams competing in the league are as follows: Goldfieldd Triedents (owned by Anil Chhajed), Kings 64 (owned by Pravin Bhalerao), Maratha Warriors (owned by Shirish Gandhi), Nok 99 Navigators (owned by Ashish Desai), Wadeshwar Wizards (owned by Swanand Bhave), 7 Knights (owned by Kapil Trimal), and Golden Kings (owned by Niranjan Godbole).

The tournament will follow a 7-match round-robin format, with a total of six boards in play. Teams will alternate between playing with white and black pieces, as per the pairing guidelines. The top two teams from the round-robin stage will qualify for the final, with the color allocation to be decided through a toss. The games will be played with a rate of play of 15 minutes plus 10 seconds per move.

To ensure the smooth conduct of the event, a tournament committee comprising of Amod Pradhan and Shirish Sathe has been formed. Their expertise will help maintain the integrity and fairness of the league.

The PYC Chess League 2023 promises to be an enthralling display of strategic brilliance and fierce competition. Chess enthusiasts from Pune and beyond are eagerly anticipating this landmark event, which will not only showcase the talent within the city but also provide an exciting platform for players to demonstrate their skills.

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