If you are in Pune don’t forget to miss out- Must visit places to eat in Pune!

If you are in Pune don’t forget to miss out- Must visit places to eat in Pune!
Pune has always been one peaceful place away from the hustles and bustles of Mumbai while it is also a proper mix of education, IT and food culture. It’s not that Pune lacks in all departments if its far away from urban city of Mumbai. Over the years, there have been numerous places in Pune which are known for finger licking food. Though it is difficult to name all of them, here are the 10 places which are a must visit.

Kayani Bakery
The moment you enter inside, you step into an era of 18th and 19th century of Parsis and its just a different feeling to devour the fresh and the most yummiest of mawa cakes. The moment this shop starts people as well as visitors who are on the way to Mumbai or Lonavala take a stop and get hold of their cakes. The aroma of fresh cakes which comes from Kayani can hardly be matched with any bakeries.
Tiranga server one of the most authentic and tastiest biryanis you can ever come across in Pune. The recipes and ingredients are passed on through generations and that’s what makes it all the more special.
German Bakery
Their rainbow cakes, the mawa cakes, muffins, fresh Irani tea paired with a loaf of bread and butter makes this place a chatting and conversation spot for many. Amidst green trees and bungalows, this is a comfort bakery for all.

Garden Vada Pav Center
On the lanes of MG Road, we bet you may have eaten many vada pavs from many places but after eating this, you will fall in love with the concept of vada pavs. Always served hot with wide varieties too like cheese vada pav, masala vada pav, classic Mumbai vada pav and so on.

Sujata Mastani

One of the best places to have some unique and wholesome desserts which will make you addict of your mastani! Established 50yrs ago, the combination of flavored milk, nuts, cherries, ice creams, whipped cream, chocolate, kesar and what not into one bowl of dessert will make you drool over it!

Goodluck Café

You won’t know what a real Keema Pav tastes like unless you have had it here. The place opens as early as 7 a.m. in the morning and is rushed throughout the day. Since generations, people of Pune are taking time out from their busy schedule to visit this place. The food served is hygienic and a definite win-win for the pocket. The place is situated in the vicinity of the Film Institute and hence has been the favorite of many stars like Dev Anand. A must try is the chicken ra-ra and the delicious keema pav.

You can identify this place with a huge crowd outside it, somewhere on FC road. You see an overcrowded place on the road and you know that this is it. Vaishali- the famous SPDP center! The Sev Puri Dahi Puri, lovingly and famously named as SPDP by the people coming in here is widely known throughout the city. Everything that they serve here, from the morning Pav Bhajis to the toothsome Sabudana Vadas with the extraordinary coconut chutney is A level quality. The chutney is so delicious it will make you lick your fingers. Only Vaishali. The dosas glistening with butter and aroma so rich that you won’t be able to control drooling. Vaishali is basically what RK is in Parle!

House of Paranthas and Aaoji Khaoji
Reportedly no single person has managed to finish the Bahubali thali at the House of Paranthas or the Dara Singh Thali at the Aaoji Khaoji. You need atleast a group of 3 to finish this gigantic dishes which has over 80things served in one plate and all of them being sinfully delicious and tasty.

Bedekar Misal-The original MisalPav of Maharashtra
If history is anything to go by, Pune was the inventor of the Misal Pav Dish and when it comes to Bedekar Misal, they were the real pioneers of Misal Pav. If you want an authentic Maharastrian Misal, there has to be no better option than Bedekar Misal.

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