Kenya Safaris-Most Memorable Wildlife Safaris

Kenya is one country which is a hidden jewel of the world. Though many people would not associate Kenya with the best holiday destination but once they go their thought towards Kenya will change completely. Blessed with mother nature’s blessings-Kenya has the largest number of wildlife species, the most number of rare animals and birds and some of the best safaris along with stays in the world to make your holiday memorable!

Checkout some of the things you can’t miss!

Masai Mara National Park-
A typical zoo at the most will have Lions and wild animals but have you ever seen over 1.3 million wildbees! Yes the majestic Masai Mara National Park is one of the most beautiful and biggest national parks to visit in Kenya which will hold your breath with magnificence. With over 1000 species of animals including the largest big cats you will ever see, the orange elephants, the rhinos, feed and kiss a giraffe, the Masai village, white sandy beaches, flamingoes and the fabulous Mt.Kilimjaro.

Amboseli National Reserve-

One of the biggest national parks in Canada, Amboseli National reserve is known for its magnificent views of Mt.Kilimjaro and large herds of varied species of elephants. Apart from that too there are hundreds of species of rare animals like zebras, cheetahs, variety of Giraffes and over 400 species of bird species.

Tsavo East National Park

Spread over 13,747 square kilometers, Tsavo National Park is the biggest National parks of South Africa Infact it is the biggest national park in the world. Get enthralled witnessing the Masai lions, hundreds of species of rare birds, leopards, cape buffalo, cape rhino, bush baby, hartebeest, lesser kudu and the Masai Girrafe.
Shaba National Reserves

Not like your typical National Park, Shaba National Reserve is known for its ruggedness. It has several animals with natural environment and you will get to see some unique animals like Reticulated giraffe, oryx, antelopes, rare breed of monkeys, gervy’s zebra, camels of ethopia and lots of elephants. The National Park is dry and rocky unlike other lush parks which gives you a different feeling and a sense of adventure.
Lake Nakuru National Park

It is one of the rift valley soda lakes situated at a height of 1754m above the sea level. From game viewing to camping to witnessing the 450 species of greater and lesser flamingos, 56 different species of mammals, Makalia waterfalls, Enasoit hills, Lion Hill Ridge, Baboon cliff and out of Africa to 550 different species of plants. The Nakuru National Park will flood your instagram with envious pics.
Top Tourist Attractions in Kenya-
1. The majestic Maasai Mara National Reserve.
2. The breath-taking Amboseli National Reserve. …
3. God’s gifted Tsavo National Park.
4. The breath-taking Samburu, Buffalo Springs, and Shaba National Reserves. …
5. The surreal Lake Nakuru National Park
6. The magnificent Lamu
7. Stunning Lake Naivasha.
8. The iconic Nairobi

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