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Everything about Pune

Pune- a city you’ll fall in love with!

Oxford of the East, Queen of Deccan, Pensioner’s Paradise and India’s Motor City are just a few names describing Pune.

Initially known as Punawadi, Pune city is the seventh largest metropolis in India and the second largest in the state of Maharashtra.

Pune has a very pleasant climate all year round. Temperature during daytime maybe a little high in summers, but the evenings and nights are always breezy and cool. But monsoons beat all. The entire city is covered in green during rains and there is a magical feel in the air. Pune is also referred to as Deccan Odyssey.

Also known as the cultural capital of Maharashtra, Pune has magnificent history including Rashtrakut Era, Maratha Empire and Peshwa Realm. LalMahal, Sinhagad fort, Shaniwarwada, Agakhan Palace and Karla caves are a few historical places that take us to the glorious past of Pune.


Places to Visit Around Pune

khandala in monsoonKhandala

Perched on the western slope of the Sahyadri mountain range, is the exotic hill station of Khandala. Only at 69km from Pune and 100km from Mumbai it is a hot tourist attraction that pulls a large city-dwelling crowd. Endowed with lush landscapes, meandering waterfalls and glittering lakes Khandala is the right pick for enjoyment and relaxation.

A witness to the Maratha, Peshwa and British rule this place is historically imminent as well. Stunning spots and viewing points equally enjoyable by the young and old has made Khandala one of the most popular stop for an enchanting escapade.

Best season to visit- October to May. Though in the monsoons, the landscape completely changes and is blanketed by freshness.


Places to Visit in Pune

Vishrambaug Wada:

This is a three-storyed mansion, known for its beautiful entrance and balcony with carved woodwork typical of the Peshwa period. The 260 ft long and 815 ft broad Teen-Chowki Wada was built by the last Peshwa, Bajirao II as his residence at a cost of Rs. 2 lakhs. The Wada's eye-catching wooden facade is memorizing in its beauty, and has beautiful columns carved in the Suru form. On October
31,1880 a surprise fire engulfed the Wada ravaging the entire structure. Vishranbaug Wada was restored to its somewhat original appearance by public subscriptions and municipal contributions. For many years till 1958 it was to serve as the offices of the Poona Corporation. Today it houses assorted offices: a strange fate for what was once a king's abode.

Address: Bajirao Road, Pune


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