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Keep track of fashion because it’s beauty that never fades!
Fashion Articles

Keep track of fashion because it’s beauty that never fades!

fashionMarie Von Ebner-Eschenbach once said,“So soon as a fashion is Universal, it is out of date”. Mumbai and Pune fall in the category of the most advanced and up-to-date cities in India. The crowd, predominantly, in both these cities comprises of the youth where fashion is mainly favored and sought-after.At present, fashion is proceeding on such an enormous scale that it ceaselessly witnesses something new from time to time.

Since it is the season of monsoons, the fashion is trending more towards skirts, shorts alongwith monsoon footwears. Though the city is experiencing a pleasant weather but due to the intermittent winds, the folks are usually clothed in cardigans or thin jackets. A variety of monsoon footwears are available in different shops at different prices. If you take a tour to the colleges and eateries of these cities, you will spot a manifold variety of rainy footwears each design better from the other. A massive mid-season sale is currently going on in all the malls and other shopping complexes. Every brand is offering a substantial sale.

Shopping in Pune - Roadside Shopping Areas
Fashion Articles

Shopping in Pune - Top Roadside Shopping Areas In Pune

Now a days the fashion trends are ever changing, so it is very diffecult to beat the budget if you want to match up with the fashion trends.So here is the list of roadside shopping in pune....

Tulsi Baug
Tulsi Baug 1This is the noisiest market area of Pune. Filled with temporary stalls and lined shops, you can find
household items as well as cosmetic jewellery here. If you are interested in the traditional wares of the
Maharashtrians -- the pearl nose ring and necklace and the nine yard saree -- you will easily get it here.
This is one place which should never be missed if you are in Pune. You don't need to buy anything but
just experience the beauty of this market which has everything from traditional wares to modern day fancy items.Beauty of this market is the narrow bylanes most of the times crowded which makes you to think of the traditional feasts of yesteryears.You can get almost anything here but be prepared for hard bargain as is the case in any other shopping street.


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