10 Food items you can eat during Navratri Fasts

Well the festive season of Navratri is about to hit and it’s about to bring happiness into our lives. Shopping, dancing, meeting friends, going to new venues, falguni pathak and what not! The festival just manages to bring smile in our busy lives but the one thing which keeps many in dilemma and especially many women during Navratri is what to eat when they keep fasts. Hence we at Townparle.in bring you a list of some yummy food items which you can try this season.

Kuttu Atta ki puri
Kuttu Atta ki puri is very popular and it’s not made with the regular grain. It’s completely healthy too. It is also believed that it raises energy levels while it can be accompanied with aloo bhaji or chilled curd. Though the combination of chilled curd and kuttu atta ki puri is more popular and tastier.

Sabudana Wada

Sabudana  also known as Tapioca pearls is an alltime favorite during fasts. Sabudana mixed with chillies, spices and mashed potato are deep fried along with curd chutney. The taste is not only awesome but it is also believed to be a very healthy food.

Sabudana Kheer

Sabudana is a very flexible food item which can be used for various things. Apart from making vada and khichdi, you can also make a dessert out of it by boiling the sabudanas and then mixing it with milk and dry fruits.  It just tastes like normal kheer with only the rice replaced with tapioca pearls.

Sabudana Khichdi

This dish is definitely the no.1 and most loved by many people during fasts. Even the youngsters to old age love sabudana khichdi. Sabudana is mixed with spices, potato, chillies and coriander which is then boiled which results into a delicious khichdi.

Faradi Pattice

Faradi Pattice is an all time favorite for Gujjus and even non Gujjus during Navratris. It’s the highest selling snack made with Potato, coriander, sing(groundnut), ginger, chillies and mashed potato. They are then deep fried to give you a heavenly taste alongwith its special chutney.

Potato Fries

This is definitely one food item which won’t make you feel like you are sacrificing. Fries have always been a favorite and you can eat them during fasts too. The only restriction would be that you can’t add salt or use sauce alongwith it.

Aloo ki Kadhi

Not just your normal kadhi, its potato pieces, buttermilk and a few spices boiled to give you a taste of normal kadhi itself. You can eat it along solo or team it up with sabudana khichdi too which is a good combination.

Dry Fruit and Sing Halwa
Instead of regular wheat which is not allowed during fast, mashed powder of sing and dry fruits along with milk, cream and sugar is used to make this delicious halwa. It’s by far the most tastiest dessert you can have during navratri fasts.

Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato in not only a good choice to eat during fast but it also has the best nutritional value. On an average a sweet potato is filled with 30times more proteins than a normal potato while it also makes your bones stronger. The taste is also nice

Raw Banana’s Barfi

Well this may sound a bit weird but the end product is supremely tasty. Milk, Sugar, cream and mashed banana alongwith dry fruits are the ingredients and you won’t even realize you are eating a barfi made of banana as the base ingredient.












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